Hi guys, it sure has been a while!😅 I would say I’ve been busy, which I definitely have been, but for the most part I didn’t have the inspiration to do a blog post! And to be honest I’d forget I even had a blog sometimes. It’s practically impossible to catch everyone up of the last almost year, so  here’s a brief description;

  • I have a boyfriend, of 9 months today! And everything has been really great, and amazing, and fantastic! 🎆
  • I did go to the coast for Spring Break, and then that Summer for my birthday.
  • Straight A’s have still been maintained.
  • I got a new camera for Christmas…

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  • Then it snowed… WITH SIX SNOW DAYS! But a few of those were due to the ice, it all started on New Years day and there are still icy pockets of snow in shady places. Mind you, where I live this kind of a storm happens about every fours years.

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  • And the snow just kept coming!

Now you’re pretty much caught up to speed besides a lot of stuff, like the congregation of turkeys outside my house the day before yesterday!

And this awesome sunset!


That’s all for now! Hopefully I post again soon! Seeyaa!



Sping Break!

Ah, the week where I usually sit at home and do literally nothing. I’ve actually been somewhat productive so far. I’ve spent a lot of time laying in the grass.

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I went on a walk, with my brother and my sister’s dog, to the park.


I went and watched Allegiant and ate some delicious Maltesers! It had been so long since I read the books that I had no idea what was going on, which was kind of fun, I guess?

I went on an excursion to the woods with my dad yesterday. It was kind of scary because before we left we stumbled upon a pile of scatted bones; that did not look old at all. It was probably a cougar, or maybe a bear’s doing.

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This weekend was the beginning of a National Geographic Your Shot assignment. http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/assignments/equinox/ It was the first time I’d ever considered actually doing it, and I went and did it. I submitted these three pictures…

Today, Monday, I attempted to sleep in until 11:20 in the morning, I was woken up at 6:30, 7:10, and sometime around 9, but I still slept on until 11:20. Then my niece came over and we hung out, watched our little movies from last Summer, until my sister picked her up.

I was just talking to my mom about going to the coast on Wednesday until Friday. Of course I had to show her hotel room availably and prices before she would even consider it. Now she’s “thinking about it”.


I’ve made it evident that I immensely want to go. Convincing my mom is like being a lawyer talking to a judge. You have to have a valid point and evidence to back yourself up (even witnesses), or you won’t get anywhere. It’s not impossible, but the judge is very touchy. One must tread very lightly to advance onto higher ground. I’ve made my case, so has the jury, now it’s the judge’s time to shine. Crossing fingers for tomorrow’s deciding announcement.

Have a wonderful Spring break!


I Always Want To Use Emojis For My Titles😎

It’s been a while, which means this is going to be fun! Hmmm, where to start. I’ll take the “organized” approach and create a list. And I’ll call it…

Stuff To Write About:

  • My Brother
  • Air Band
  • Cat
  • Running/Hip
  • Anime
  • Family Fun
  • Editing/Photography
  Ah, my brother. So he recently moved back down, and is living with my sister. He comes over fairly often. SPIDER CAt, or meow-meow-chan (I’ve been watching a lot of anime), still recognizes him. She attacks him every time she sees him, and I mean not playful scratching and flesh biting. It’s a good thing my brother wears a Carhartt jacket half of the time.
  Air band! Yes, tomorrow is the day of the performance! I kind of started this post four days ago and procrastinated it, so now it’s tomorrow. Normally I would think to be nervous about dancing in front of my fellow peers, but I’m not. I feel really relaxed and confident, things can’t go bad if I don’t think they can. Hey! That was optimistic, unusually.
   I don’t think I’ve explained this before so I’ll just do so. Air band is a high school lip singing and dancing competition for spirit points and pride. Each grade competes and the Senior usually win, I’ve never known them to not.
  So the competition is tomorrow morning and our theme is the ’80s. We have an awesome playlist and designed T-shirts. It’s impressively elaborate considering we’re Freshmen. I’m quit proud of us.
  My cat…oh meow-meow-chan…SHE’S CRAZY! She has recently obtained the ability to jump on every counter and flat surface. We’re also having this weird fluctuation of flies in our house. My Dad and meow-meow-chan have turned into an interesting tag team. My Dad will hit down the fly, and SPIDER will go and eat it. Ewww……..sorry.
   Ah, my hip. What a story, of my foreseen agony *sobs. Last Friday was the day I decided that the weather was nice enough for my first run since last Summer. I was doing well, running down to the middle school track, watching my breathing, until I get a 1/4 of a mile into my laps. Then it happens. My hip, a muscle, something, goes awry. It was excruciating to walk, but I managed to walk home after getting to my mom on the other end of the track and back to my house. The uphill part of the road was actually easier on me, primarily because I was using my knees more than my hips. I was in bed for the next day and I was feeling a lot better, until Sunday’s air band practice came along. I danced for three hours and reinjured my hip. Now it’s just a dull pain when I move or walk, unless I do something stupid like twisting my hip and stepping in opposing directions.
   Anime is so great. I kind of stopped watching and binged on Supernatural for a while, but now I’m back to anime. Since, I’ve watched Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Free!, Inu X Boku Secret Service, and GLASSLIP. They’re very good, and the art is just…ideal? I don’t know what to watch next though, any suggestions?
   My Pops recently had his 70th birthday party, there were over thirty people in this little Mexican restaurant. I filmed a vlog for it, had the music ready and everything! Then I realized I had accidently deleted everything…ugh why…
   Since it’s Spring I’ve been able to get some really good blooming shots:

A Lil’ Update

Hi, I’ve got a few things to speak of. From air band (I’ll elaborate, I swear), my schedule, life, loose goats at school, and what’s going to happen…eventually. Put on your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, cause you’re in for quit a ride. Not really though…

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The Sun Is Out!

It’s sunny! It’s warm! Well I don’t actually know if it’s warm because I haven’t gone outside yet. But, mmm, it’s really nice. I’m definitely going out there soon. Maybe do some photography. Grab some clips and do some editing for FUNZIES. That’d be nice, of course that also means I’d have to get out of my pajamas. Temping…

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Read My Mind

Hello, here I am. I’m currently induced by four different medicines. I feel wonderful-ish! Now, for the fun stuff. I took a state test last week for my first, out of eight, tries. I passed, with five extra points. That was nice, since I won’t ever have to take it again. I know others weren’t so fortunate. It was also for science, my beautiful brain baby, science. That’s why.

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